We Went Mini!

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

I love things in mini sized!  Did you know there is now a Kitchen Aid Mini?  I have had the full sized mixer for years and years and love it.  Never had a problem.  But I really want a mini.  I’m not getting a mini, because it doesn’t have a mini price.  But it sure is cute!

Another thing I love in mini?  Mini desserts.  I never order dessert at a restaurant.  Unless it’s a mini, and then I can’t resist!  I had a mini shake the other day at one of my favorite restaurant.  All of the goodness- just a whole lot less guilt!

And then there’s this.  Just yesterday, I saw on the internet that McDonald’s just came out with a Big Mac Jr.  While I’m not into Big Macs, my mom actually loves them.  However, because they are so big, she hardly ever has one.  The funny thing is, two years ago, she actually called McDonald’s to suggest they make a “Mini Mac” (that’s a cuter name than Big Mac Jr.).  They gave her a standard company line of they already have many new products in research and it would take years to even consider that.  Well, months later she wants credit for the idea!  Of course she’s not going to get credit, but she did have a Big Mac Jr. yesterday!

Which brings me to our newest product- Project Sweetwater Mini.  We have thought about this ever since we launched Project Sweetwater a year ago.  The problem is the same problem we always have- too many ideas and too little time.  Well, we finally got it together in time to launch a mini box for Valentine’s Day.  I know we just came out with Project Sweetwater- Love Notes, but we now have Project Sweetwater- Love Notes Mini!  Of course, the box doesn’t include as much product as the regular box, but it still is an amazing deal.  Here is what you get:

  • Four 1/2 yard cuts (2 yards total) of Valentine inspired fabric.  Please keep in mind that each box is unique and will not necessarily include the fabric pictured.  However, each box will include coordinated Sweetwater fabric in red, black and cream.
  • Pattern for our Patchwork Mug Rug
  • Two Iron-On Labels
  • XO charm and ribbon
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter

If purchased separately, the retail value of the mini box is approximately $43.  However, the mini box comes in at $19.95! Another bonus- we kept the weight of the box under one pound.  That is super important because we now aren’t forced to send it Priority Mail at that weight.  We get to use First Class, which makes the shipping so much cheaper!

Here is a look at the box:




You can find the box here.  If you are interested in the large box (which is even a greater value), we still have some of those left.  You can find that box here.

One more thing- thank you all so much for the Hometown… Christmas Edition love.  We really hope you like it as much as we do. We can’t wait for May to get here so all you have the opportunity to play with it!  We also have a winner of our contest.  Congratulations to daisychik who wrote:

Oh my gosh the black and white buffalo check is to die for!
What an awesome new Line! I need it all!

If that is your post, just use the “Contact Us” tab and let us know your mailing address so we can send you a pre-cut!  Have a great day-