In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

We have new fabric!  Well, we have samples of our new fabric.  The actual collection won’t be in stores until May, but at least we can have a peek at it!

This one is our new Christmas line.  It’s not any ordinary Christmas line, because you were instrumental in helping us create it.  About a zillion years ago (not really, but it feels that way), we asked for your hometown.  And we got thousands of replies on our blog and Instagram.  We used those to create Hometown…Christmas Edition.   We loved our original Hometown collection so much we thought it would be fun to give it a Christmas theme.  So here it is!

We are starting out with this buffalo check.  It’s our favorite.  We don’t even disagree on a favorite- which is very rare!


You know it’s our favorite because we have already made several things from just the check.  I want buffalo check pillows in my house all year long- not just at Christmas!



We received the sample yardage right before Christmas.  I used the red check pillow in my house then, and now I’m on to the blue!  We also made these cute quilted zipper bags.


Okay-enough with the buffalo check.  There are other prints in the collection!  I should probably show you the actual hometown design.  We really tried to get all the submissions in there- but I can’t guarantee it.  I’m hoping you can find yours!


We highlighted towns with Christmas-like names, such as Spruce, Michigan and Christmas Valley, Oregon.  Who knew there was a town called “Snowflake”?  Well there is- in Arizona, Virginia and West Virginia.


The cities and town are not organized in any way- mostly just the order they were submitted.  There are both hometowns in the US and many other countries.  Here are just a few more pictures of this print.  If you don’t see your hometown, don’t worry!  It may be somewhere not pictured in the photos.




I’m so happy we decided to include black in this Christmas collection.  Our recent Christmas lines had gray instead of black.  While I love the gray, I think the black is more striking.



Here is the red.  Of course there is red.  Christmas fabric doesn’t exist without red.



It doesn’t exist without green, either.


We again added some of the icy blue.


I think my most favorite combo is just the traditional red and green.


We are planning so many fun projects with this line.  Our biggest project will be a Block of the Month type quilt that is different than any BOM we have done before.  Can’t wait to show you, but it is still a work in progress.  We will show you as soon as we can!

Meanwhile, we are giving away a precut of Hometown Christmas.  Just leave a comment of this post and let us know your favorite print or colorway.  We hope you love the collection as much as we do.  Thanks for checking it out!

Oh- one more thing.  If your comment doesn’t show up right away, no worries.  We recently upgraded our site security, and it is really picky about posting comments.  For whatever reason, it waits to post some comments until they are approved.  I will manually do that later today and tomorrow so all comments will show.  Thanks!