Volume II is here!

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

It’s always like Christmas around here when we finally get to show a new fabric collection.  So I guess Christmas is today!  We are headed to Houston later this week for Quilt Market, and can’t wait for this to debut there.  We call it Volume II.

So here is the back story.  We generally aren’t crazy about the idea of recreating a fabric line.  First of all, we always have more ideas than we possibly have time. So we always want to get to those ideas.  Plus, we really put our heart and soul into each line.  We are really picky about what we put in the collection, and when we are finished designing, we always feel that it is “finished” – that we didn’t leave anything out.  But………..never say never!  Moda actually requested another Mama.  So we are definitely not going to say no to that!

The design process was unlike anything we have done before.  With the theme already been chosen, the colors staying where they were and us not wanting to repeat designs, it was actually pretty difficult.  We wanted to make it fresh.  And every once in a while, my sister and I just stare at each other in front of our computer with what it seems like nothing in our brains.

Fortunately, it came along.  Slower than most times.  Like really sloooooooooow.  But sometimes the best things in life take a while, right?  That’s how we feel about Volume II.  We really love it.  Even more than the original.

So here it is.  So of course, there is red.





This, by the way is my favorite, favorite print.  It just makes me happy.  We wanted to mimic embroidery on the flowers.


Here is the black. The gingham might tie for my favorite.  Of course, we have done gingham before.  But this one is larger in scale and very striking.




This print looks like a quilt we need to design.




And then there is the yummy, creamy gray.






And I can’t forget the most important print.  The one that all of you helped us to create.  Hope your favorite shop is on there.  Just so you know, cause I know you are going to ask.  The answer is “I have no idea”.  I really have no idea if yours made it.  I know we got over 2000 submissions between e-mail, instagram and this blog.  I don’t have a list.  I don’t have them in alphabetical order.  I just don’t know.



We have the quilts designed, sewn and quilted for this collection!  Yea!  We just need to finish the binding and photograph a couple of them.  As soon as we do, we will let you see.  But……….we do have my most favorite one completely finished.  I’m not going to show you the complete quilt, but just a preview.  It’s our next BOM project.  And I’m totally in love.  (This is a black and white photo- we aren’t revealing the colors just yet!).



Hope you love Volume II as much as we do.  If you have a favorite print or color way, leave us a comment below for a chance to win a pre-cut of this new collection.  Have a great Monday!