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Surprise that I’m actually making a blog post!  But that’s not the real surprise.  So here it is:

Surprise! You have another chance at two of our Block of the Month embroidery blocks!  For all of you who have e-mailed, begged and offered their first born (just kidding), you are now in luck!  But here is the catch:  It wont last forever!  You have only until October 7th to order!

You have your choice of Feed Company:




Or Holly’s Tree Farm:





Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • The blocks take a while to create.  When you order, it is a pre-order because we won’t have them finished until November.
  • You can order one block or the entire set.
  • If you would like the pattern to either quilt, you can order that as well.
  • We don’t have any of the Feed Company fabric left to finish the quilt.  However, you may be able to find it online or at a local retailer.  The good news is we do have a limited amount of the Holly fabric left.  We are offering fabric kits for the Holly quilt- but if you want one, please hurry.  We only have a limited amount of fabric!
  • Even though we call both of these “BOM” quilts, at the time they ship in November (after our last Holly BOM ships), they won’t be BOM any longer.  We will ship all the blocks at one time.  Hope that sentence makes sense!

To order the blocks and/or pattern for either quilt, click here.

One more thing.  We finally got the fabric kit for this month’s Label Crew posted.


If you would like the fabric kit, pattern or label, you can find them here.

So, please remember!  You have until October 7 to order the supplies you need for either the Feed Co. quilt or the Holly quilt.  On October 8th, I won’t be able to help you!  Even if you offer me money, cute kids or Bronco tickets.  Well, maybe for Bronco tickets.  But other than that, you will be out of luck.  Speaking of football….Varsity is in stores now!





Have a great day!