First Crush Patterns!

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Happy August!  Well, happy mid-August!  We just finished up our favorite week of the year around here- County Fair Week, and now it’s back to business.  Today we are debuting our patterns for First Crush.  There are three, and the first one is called “Hugs & Stitches”.

We decided that instead of doing a big BOM project for this collection, we though it would be fun to do a smaller quilt, perfect for gift giving.  This one would be great for a baby, wedding or just your special someone.  Instead of 12 embroidery blocks, this one is a more manageable 5.  One of the blocks can be personalized.   Also, it isn’t a BOM.  All 5 of the blocks come together at one time.




This is the block that can be customized.  You can put any word or name(s) where the “Sweetwater” is.  You can even put a date under the name.  For example, you can put the baby’s name where the “Sweetwater” is, and the birth date directly below.  Or, a family last name and an anniversary date below.


So here are the details for this quilt:

  • All 5 of the embroidery blocks come together and are shipped in mid to late September.
  • The fabric is scheduled to arrive in November.  As soon as it does, we will ship the fabric kits.
  • The embroidery blocks are sold separately from the fabric kit.  The fabric kit includes the pattern.
  • The finished size is 48″ x 48″.
  • You have until August 28 to order the blocks and fabric kit.  After that date, they will no longer be available.
  • If you order the fabric kit, half of the cost is charged now and the other half when we ship the kit.  Shipping charges will be added when we ship, and will depend on location.
  • You can also order the embroidery blocks individually.  Maybe you would like all 5 blocks personalized with different names.  You would then order 5 of the custom blocks and none of the others.  You can also use the blocks to make pillows or towels, or they look really cute framed.
  •  We are shipping the embroidery blocks separate from the fabric so you get them sooner.  Just in case you wanted to make a Christmas present, you should have time to finish.
  • Click here for more info on our “Hugs & Stitches” quilt.

Here is our second quilt for “First Crush”.  This one is called “Bliss”.


We only have a digital image for this one.  But we are working on it!


One of my favorite features of First Crush is that it has lots and lots of great low volume fabrics.  Love how they look in this design.  Here are the details for Bliss:

  • Finished Size:  80″ x 80″
  • This is a pre-order.  The listing will expire on August 28.
  • As with the “Hugs & Stitches”, half of the cost of the kit will be charged now and half when we ship in November.
  • The quilt kit includes the pattern.
  • You have the option to include the backing.
  • The final quilt is called “Be Mine”.


  • Finished size:  63″ x 63″
  • Again, half the cost is charge now and half when we receive the fabric and ship in November.
  • You have the option to include the backing.
  • You have until August 28 to pre-order the quilt kit.

Please remember that date- August 28!  You must have your order in for any of the quilt kits and/or the embroidery blocks.  They won’t be available after that date.

Now I just have to leave you with a couple of photos from the fair.  This is when the kids were selling their steers- projects they have been working on for a very long time.  There may have been a few tears!




Love these two- but they are growing up way too fast!  Have a great day!