True Blue.

In Favorite Things by Lisa Burnett

We had so much fun with our #sweetwaterred contest we held last week on Instagram.  Head on over there to check and see if you are the winner!  Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest- we loved looking at all your photos!

Now, on to our next color.  Blue.  At first, I was thinking that we were going to do an aqua/turquoise contest,  but then I came to my senses.  I pretty much love all colors of blue.  Except for royal blue.  I’m really sorry if I offend any royal blue lovers out there.  But there has to be some color(s) I don’t like.  And royal blue is at the top of the list for me.  So, just so you know, we will never, ever have royal blue in a fabric collection.  Like, ever (thanks, Taylor Swift).

But after I get over my intense dislike for royal blue, all other colors of blue are pretty much my favorite.  My absolute favorite color in the whole entire universe right now is a soft, aqua-type blue.  The exact color that we used in the sashing of one of my favorite quilts.


If I got to redo my wedding, I’m pretty sure this is the color I would choose.



And when we put it with my other favorite blue, navy, I’m pretty much in heaven.  Just like we did in The Boat House collection.


Speaking of navy, I’m a total navy girl.  I’ve got three colors in my closet (I know, pretty boring).  White, gray and navy.  I don’t stray too far from that.  In my humble opinion, navy looks great everywhere.  It is in my favorite flag.


And my favorite uniform.


Not that I care (yeah, right), but training camp starts this week.  Just had to throw that in there.

Anyway, the rules are the same as Sweetwater Red, except, of course it is blue:

  • Post photos of your favorite blue things.  You can enter as many photos as you would like- in fact, you have a greater chance of winning with more photos, as the winner is chosen randomly.
  • Make sure you follow us! @sweetwaterfabric
  • Tag the photo with @sweetwaterfabric and #sweetwaterblue
  • You have a week to post- we will end the contest on next Sunday.
  • The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to use on anything in our store!

Ready, set, go blue!