Sunday Supper!

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

We are so excited that Sunday Supper is arriving in stores.  If you forgot what it looks like, here is a little refresher:






I absolutely adore this collection.  I’ve always loved it since we designed it. However, the more I’m around it and see projects that are being made with it, I really, really love it.  Out of 24 Sweetwater fabric collections, I think it is definitely in my top 3.  I will be sad when I can’t get any more of it.  Navy is my absolute favorite color.  It’s not my sister’s or my mom’s.  They love red.  But I’m a navy girl.  When combined with the yellow and green in this collection, I love navy even more.  If you love Sunday Supper as much as I do, check your local quilt store for yardage and pre-cuts.

The arrival of this collection also means the arrival of a new Project Sweetwater box!  I don’t want to confuse you even more, but here is the scoop on this box:

  • Sunday Supper is our last box that isn’t associated with our Project Sweetwater subscription.  When purchasing this box, it doesn’t sign you up for future boxes.  If you would like a subscription, just go to our subscription site here.
  • There isn’t a pre-order for this box.  We will begin shipping next week!  Because there isn’t a pre-order, quantities are limited.  When the boxes are gone, they are gone!
  • While the box isn’t in the subscription program, it is a preview of what future boxes will be.  We scaled down the size to make it more affordable.  However, it is still packed full of goodness.
  • Here are the contents:
    • 8 Fat Quarters
    • Sunday Supper Charm Pack
    • Fat Eighth of Rustic Cotton Fabric
    • 3 Patterns
    • 2 Coasters
    • Iron-on Labels

Here are some photos of the projects:







You can find the box here:

Project Sweetwater- Sunday Supper

If you would like a Project Sweetwater subscription, make sure to visit our subscription site here:

Project Sweetwater Subscription

Remember, the subscription will start with Hometown Christmas in June and then Authentic, Etc in September.

Speaking of subscriptions, we are shipping our next Tagged labels on Tuesday.  Here is what we have for you this month- two cute labels!



If you don’t have a Tagged subscription but don’t want to miss out on the above two labels, you still have time!  However, make sure you do it soon.  You can find Tagged on our subscription site:

Tagged Subscription

Have a great weekend!