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In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

We love designing fabric.  But sometimes, we have an itch to design something new.  So….the last few weeks we did just that.  We designed a small collection of finished goods.  We call it the Sweetwater Marketplace.  We thought it was a great idea for Mother’s Day.  Here is the collection:

These towels are so much fun.  You can leave them just plain black and white, or add some color with the included fabric strip.  They come like this:

The flour sack towels are screen printed and incredibly soft.

Next up is a super cute ceramic mug.

And now my favorite.  We designed three new canvas prints.

The prints are 6″ x 6″ and fit perfectly on our clipboard kits.  The fun part is we are offering the finished fabric covered clipboards that coordinate with the prints for a limited time.  So perfect for a gift.  Or yourself!

You can find all the products from our Sweetwater Marketplace here.

Some of you will notice that our shop has changed.  Here are the details.

For many years, we only sold our products on Etsy.  And then we outgrew Etsy.  With over 400 products, we thought it was best to have a more versatile site that was completely ours.  So we took the plunge and created our own site.  Unfortunately, I have devoted most of my working hours over the past three years to that site.  The problem was I woke up every morning anticipating there would be something wrong.  Usually, there wasn’t anything wrong.  But some days everything was wrong.  And I had to learn how to fix website problems continually.  I learned a lot- but I also learned that building a website from the ground up is a continual process.  There will be problems.  Some could be prevented, but sometimes things goes wrong I just don’t know how to fix.  And honestly, I’m tired of researching and fixing problems.  I’m so much better at fabric design than web design.  I also usually don’t cry when designing fabric.

So…a few months ago we decided to change the whole thing.  We could go back to Etsy- but Etsy didn’t provide a platform for subscriptions.  We could sell subscriptions with the site we had been using, but we decided to get rid of that so I could get my life back.  Just kidding- but kind of.

That is the reason we got an entirely new site for subscriptions.  But we still had all our regular products on the old site because the subscription platform wouldn’t support selling all our other products- including digital downloads.  So we still needed to find a platform for all our other products so we could get rid of the old system entirely.  Our solution?  We went back to Etsy.  It’s not perfect- it doesn’t offer a lot of flexibility and Etsy seller fees are high.  But….during the last three years, Etsy has improved the shopping experience.  And most importantly, I feel much better going to work each morning knowing there isn’t some catastrophe I had to deal with.

Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing.  Here is our new store setup:

We have a subscription site for our subscriptions (Project Sweetwater and Tagged) and our Etsy powered store for all other things.  When you come to our website, it is easy to navigate.  Just click “subscriptions” to order or manage anything related to a subscription and click “shop” for all other products.

Here are the links:

Sweetwater Subscriptions

The Sweetwater Store ( our Etsy site for non-subscription products)

We hope this will be easier for everyone.  It should make a much better shopping experience with less problems.

Thank you all for your patience and for being such great and loyal customers.  We so appreciate all of you.

Have a great weekend and a beautiful Easter!