Surprise! After Eight Years….

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

It’s so hard to believe it’s been eight years since we debuted our first fabric collection with Moda.  I remember designing the collection with my then six- month old son on my lap because he was just a little bit spoiled and always needed to be held.  Since then we have designed 23 collections (I think!) with Moda and they are all special to us. When we decide on a collection, we try to make it different than any other collection.  It always has our same style, but we hope that each collection is recognizable from the others.  Authentic was our first, and through 23 collections, we haven’t gone back to the original.  If you don’t remember what Authentic looked like, here are a couple of photos.




Green, black and cream.  It was simple and totally defined our style.  After eight years, it is by far our most requested collection to revisit.  We have resisted because we generally want to focus on new ideas.  Until now.  We gave in.  And we have a brand new Authentic!  We call it Authentic, etc.   We took just a couple of favorite prints from the original and added new designs.  But we didn’t mess with the colors.  You can’t have an Authentic collection without green, black and cream.  So here it is.  Our new collection.  Authentic, etc.


My favorite print in the original Authentic was the newsprint.  It went with everything.  And we used it with everything until we ran out of it!  We redesigned the newsprint and gave it a little more pizazz.  I think I like this one even better.


Another one of my favorites in the new collection is the tiny alphabet in a script font.  That goes with everything too.


This print we didn’t change at all.  It kind of defined Authentic.  We debated about changing it or leaving it out completely.  But in the end, Authentic, etc. didn’t feel complete without it.


Besides, you need that print to make our cute Market Tote.  This was from eight years ago.


We have had samples of the new collection for about a month now.  My mom laid it on a table in her house and it hasn’t moved from that table.  That’s because it matches perfectly and looks so good with the wall art.  I’m assuming it will be moved shortly, because it is kind of silly to have a complete fabric collection just sitting on a table in the living room.



Here’s a closer look at the greens.



Here is the black.





We thought it would be cute to decoupage a whole bunch of our clipboards.


Authentic, etc. will be in stores in August.  We can’t wait to show you our plans for this collection.  Here is just a peek at a new quilt we will show you in a week or two.


Speaking of projects, we are already planning our Project Sweetwater- Authentic box.  These bags are adorable and will be included in the box projects.



This box will be our second subscription box and ship after Hometown Christmas.  We will be sending the Authentic boxes in September.  Remember, you need to sign up for a subscription to receive the box.  You can do that here.

August/September see like such a long time away, but we are giving away a precut of Authentic, etc. now.  Just leave a comment to enter the contest.  Important- our website blog is now equipped with a very secure firewall.  So secure, that it is very picky on allowing comments to post.  If you are having trouble, just use the “contact us” form in the menu to leave a comment.  We will make sure you are entered that way.

Have a great weekend!