Poorman’s Cookies

In Cooking, Life by Lisa Burnett

This morning when I got to work my mom had baked one of my all time favorite cookies ever – Poorman's Cookies.  We had these all the time when I was growing up and you had to hurry and get one, or two, or three, etc.  before they were all gone.  They were never placed on a plate like the picture below, there was no time for that we had some serious eating to do!


The recipe was actually from my Aunt Sandra.  All of the ladies of our church put together a cook book and that recipe was in there. Boy, do the ladies at church know how to cook!  That book was a staple at our house.   We still have the recipe book –


Notice the nice brown spots on it.  That is a sure sign of a good book.  Not to mention that it doesn't even have a front cover anymore –


Bake some for yourself – it will be a real treat!

Tn_poormans cookies 

or you can download it and print!

We have been working on something new and fun that we can't wait to share with you  – Look for our announcement sometime next week!!!

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