Flip Flops- aka My Big Dilemma

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When my sister posted her five favorite things about summer the other day, it got me thinking about mine.  While they aren't my absolute favorite thing, flip flops rank right up there.  You have to understand we live in Colorado.  Flip flop season isn't that long.  After the long winter of putting on layers of clothes and covering your feet with two pairs of socks andbig, chunky unattractive boots, flip flops feel like heaven.

But, oh how they get me in trouble.

My husband hates flip flops.  Despises.  Loathes.  Can not stand.  Please understand he is a reasonable person- kind, loving, fun, all the good things.  But he has absolutely no tolerance for flip flops.  I think he has been in the hay field a little too long.  His reasons are many, but here are just a few:

  • He hates seeing other people's feet.  He thinks that feet, no matter how clean or well groomed are ugly.
  • He equates poverty with flip flops.  Don't get me wrong.  We are in no stretch of the imagination wealthy, but we do eat and have a place to sleep.  But when I go out with flip flops on, he worries that a perfect stranger may direct me to the nearest homeless shelter. 

  • He also equates flip flops with laziness.  He will say, how long does it take to tie a pair of shoes?

  • He doesn't like flat shoes in general.  He would honestly like me to wear a pair of heels everywhere I go.  With panty hose.  In July.  Black ones.  I honestly thing he is living in 1982, but that is a whole other subject. (By the way, this scenario would never, ever, ever happen.)

So there it is.  My daily summer struggle.  I totally put up with his comments all summer long.  And he begrudgingly puts up with my shoe choice.  All I have to say is "at least they aren't Crocs".  You see he hate Crocs even more than flip flops. 

Happy Summer!

posted by Lisa