My Top 5 of Summer

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First of all, I finally read the blog from yesterday where my darling sister shouted out to the world that I said that I had found my calling in logo design and I really can't believe she said that.  You know when you just shout things out but really don't think that anyone will repeat it – well that is one of those times!  I do admit that I really enjoy desiging logos and would love the chance to do one for you so be sure to enter the contest! 

As for today – I am really enjoying summer and just wanted to reflect on my top 5 favorite things about summer.

1. First off – cucumbers.  I absolutely love them straight from the garden.  I think my whole meal could consist of just cucumbers.  Last night we enjoyed our first one of the year.  Hopefully, we have many more to come.


2.  Mowing the lawn (notice it is a riding mower).  Mowing the lawn takes me about 2 hours and I actually find it very relaxing.  Now if it was a push mower it would be a different story

Tn_IMG_4572 copy .

3. The smell of fresh cut alfalfa!  I like to roll my windows down and just breathe it in.  I was a little late taking this picture since it is already baled but you get the idea.

Tn_IMG_4574 copy

4.  Taking a walk when it has cooled off for the evening.  And this picture is really special, my kids are actually getting along!


5.  And my all time favorite thing about summer is the County Fair.  It is in a few more weeks so I am gearing up for the best week of the year!


What are your top 5 favorites for summer?

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