My Colorado

In Life by Lisa Burnett


I have been debating this for a few days now.  Maybe I shouldn't write anything about it. It is the reason this blog has been sitting silent for so long.  After all, this blog is basically a business blog- to inform our customers about  new products, fabric, ideas, etc. Sometimes we throw in a little family post in from time to time.  But nothing heavy.  Nothing too thought provoking.  Just fun.

But it happened here.  Again.  Here as in Colorado.   I think the word Colorado has been mentioned on the news about a bazillion times since Friday.  I am sickened.  I am mad.  I am heartbroken for the victims. I feel just as every other American does.   But I refuse to let the actions of one define my state.  My home. That isn't Colorado.  It isn't my Colorado.    

Which got me thinking.  About all the things I love about this state.  Here are a few.

Whenever I till someone from a different state that I live in Colorado, they think this:


The mountains.  Um, not so much.  They are beautiful.  But I rarely visit the mountains.  I've been skiing.  Once.  In the 9th grade.  We live on the plains,  which look more like this:


Beautiful, huh?  Well, sometimes it's beautiful. Just not now- we are in a severe drought and everything is a nice shade of brown.  I do love Colorado corn fields:


And wheat fields in July:


Here are some other things I love about Colorado.  

Downtown Denver, or LoDo.  A fun place to be.


Colorado State University.  My whole family graduated from here.  Hopefully our kids will choose it too. Not to pressure anyone.


My beloved sports teams.  The Broncos, Nuggets and Rockies.  I almost left the Rockies off the list. They are unbearably awful this year.  A W F U L.   But I still love them.  And it's still fun to go to Coor's Field.


One of my most favorite places on earth to be.  The Colorado State Fair.  For the livestock shows- not the rides.  But this is the only picture I could find.


And the snow.


Just kidding.  I hate the snow.  But it was a pretty picture.  And it looked sort of refreshing after the 100th day of 105 degrees.  I am exaggerating about the 100 days.  But not by much.  It is seriously HOT here this summer.  

So those are just a few things I love about living here.  I just wanted to remind myself about all the good things.

I in no way am personally connected to any of the victims of last Friday.  I didn't know any of them or their families.  I just share the same state.  It does give me kind of a weird feeling knowing that one of the three movies my husband and I ever have seen together was at that theater.  And my son was born at the hospital President Obama visited on Sunday.  But other than that, I have no connection. And like everyone else, I pray for the victims and their families.  I want to know about and remember them.  Not the horrible act.

So now that I got that post out of the way, I can post about something a little more fun.  Even something about sewing.  We have our new Label Crew project for August finished.  I will tell you all about it tomorrow!