We Need A Favor

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We know that Mama Said Sew hasn't even made it into stores yet (well, the pre-cuts have) and we have 2 fabric collections finished that we haven't even shown you, but we are again working on another line.   In our attempt to not be rushed and have the collection done at least a week before the deadline (never happens) we are now right in the midst of it.  

It always goes like this:

  • We each have a few different ideas.
  • Most ideas are shot down the minute (second) they come out of my mouth.  I say my mouth because it is usually my ideas that are shot down.   My sister would disagree on this point. 
  • We stew on it for awhile and have a vote on the theme.  Two people are happy.  One is not.  Always.
  • We decide on colors.  Again, two people are happy.  One is not.  
  • Check- we are at that point.  Two people are happy.  One is not.   That one person will get over it.  Always.

So in all reality, the hard part is finished.  The designing is fun.  That's where you come in.  We need your address.  Yes, your address.




Not your complete address.  Just your street address. No cities, states or zip codes.   For example:


1425 Front Street

89432 County Road 14

711 Park Place

I'm sure you remember we did the same thing when we were designing Hometown.   This is not another Hometown collection- it is totally different, but we still want your participation.  So, if about a year from now you would like to see your address show up somewhere in one of our fabric collections, leave us a comment with your address included.

And so you know- we can't make any promises.  There is only so much time we can spend designing and only so many addresses that will fit.  What I do promise is that the sooner you submit, the better chance you have.  And the name of the collection- we're not letting you know that just yet.  There has to be some surprises!