As Promised…

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Here is your first look at the Label Crew project for August.  In fact, it is our first project using Mama Said Sew!!!

It is a sewing kit in a jar.  Not only would it be fun for yourself, but it makes a great gift.  The outside of the jar is decorated with fabric and a label, and the top is transformed into a pincushion.


Inside, the jar is filled with little pouches for all your necessities.



I'm so excited we finally get to share this fabric!  We still don't have our yardage in, but since this project takes just a little bit of fabric, we have enough to make lots of kits!  Look for the kits next week in our store.  For more information on the Label Crew, click here.

Also, thank you for all your kind words from the post yesterday.  I do feel better.  Still heartbroken, but everything is better when you talk about it.

And……… update on the address request:  Thank you so much.  We definitely have enough!  We received nearly a thousand responses and most of you had anywhere from 2-10 addresses, so we roughly have about 5000-6000 addresses to work with.  Unfortunately, I suffer from carpel tunnel in my wrist, so if you submitted more than one address, you may or may not find all of them in the fabric!  But you should find at least one.  I tried my best!  Have a great rest of the week.