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That is what we are around here.  Olympic Junkies.  We all looooooooove the Olympics.  Which is why I haven't blogged yet this week.  I usually blog late at night when I am by myself and can concentrate.  The only thing I have been concentrating on this week is the TV.  Only the TV.  Not the internet.  Because I absolutely, positively don't want to know what happened in London until I get to watch it in prime time.  Which is why I get so mad when I accidentally find out the results.  The home page on my internet is MSN, and yesterday when I went to do something online, I happened to glance at the front page.  And it ruined my whole evening.  So I have officially sworn off the internet (except to write this blog) and and radio/TV program which will give results I don't want to know.  I'm also a news junkie, so this seems to be hard for me.  Good thing the Olympics only happens every few years.

Anyway, I might be better at blogging when the swimming events are over.  I'm so addicted to them. And Missy Franklin.  Love her.


Anyway, I had to blog today to let you know the fabric kits for the Jar Sewing Kits are in our store now. You can get them in black, red or gray.



Have a great day.  And go USA!