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Back to the countdown of our 10 Fun Things at Market.

#9- Our Booth

I'm almost tempted to not post these photos because I'm a little embarassed.  I didn't take my big, nice camera (which is one of my most treasured possessions).  I'm always afraid I will lose it, so I thought I could get by with my little Canon Rebel.  Well, I think it rebelled against me, because the photos are pretty bad.  We had spotlights in our booth which made horrible shadows, and getting the right exposure was almost impossible.  Anyway, here it is:


We had everyone sign our "Hometown Apron" and we made sure it included the hometown of everyone who signed.  At the end of the show, we gave it away to a store so they could hang it with their Hometown fabric in August. Oh- we also gave away the blue Hometown button to all of our booth visitors.


Here are a few closeups:


Okay, enough with the booth.  I can't take those photos anymore.  Next year the little Rebel is staying home.

#8- Cute Little Business Cards

I know, business cards.  Hundreds of new fabric lines, literally thousands of new patterns and I am totally impressed with business cards.  But these are really cute and so very clever.  The girls at the Quilt Barn gave us these:


There were a group of them, and they each had a card that resembled themselves.  Well, I'm not sure if it resembled them all that much, but it was the thought that counts!


#7- Hanging Out With Really Cool People

Like Vanessa Christenson.  Yep, she is as cool as she looks.  Here she is with another fun person-  Julie from Jaybird Quilts.


We also got to do a Schoolhouse session with Vanessa.  We both had a project in the Moda Bake Shop book, Fresh Fabric Treats.  Shockingly, Vanessa's project is my favorite in the book (I'm being sarcastic about the shockingly part). 


We have lots more to share, but I've been sitting at this computer a little too long!  See you tomorrow.