In Life, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

with the Quilt Market Countdown we are at:

#6- Moda

We are so blessed to be working with Moda.  I wake up every morning and thank my lucky stars that we even got the chance.  So, of course, one of the best things for us about Quilt Market will always be Moda.  Their concept this year was "Country Fair"- which totally suits us.  Even though it's "County Fair" around here, we'll still go with it.  Their booth was so cute- so much thought and effort is always put into it.


#5- Moda Designers

Speaking of Moda, we are lucky to be one of the designers.  We love to be part of this talented group.  Here are a few booth shots:

Bonnie and Camille's Ruby.  I'm sure about a trillion people can't wait to get their hands on this collection:


Anne and Anne at Bunny Hill.  Her new line, Puttin' on the Ritz is beautiful.  She even has linen in the collection- I love that!


Barb and Mary from Me and My Sister.  These two can put a smile on anyone's face.  Their new line, Amelia is completely fun!


Here is Aneela Hoey's space.  I have a secret crush on her new Little Apples collection.  However, it is not so secret.  Everytime I see it, I tell my sister and mom how much I love it.  I think they may be tired of hearing about it, but they love it too!


One of our most favorite people is Edyta from Laundry Basket.  She is sweet, funny and extremely talented.  Here she is filming a segment about her products. 


On a side note, Edyta and I have something in common.  We are mad at the Gap.  Yes, the store.  What in the world have they done with their clothes?  I am their demographic.  At least I was.  All I want is a cute, simple t-shirt.  Maybe a tank top, hoodie or sweater thrown in from time to time.  I'm really simple.  Don't need a silky shirt, anything chiffon or sparkly- and for the love of all that is precious, I do not need skinny jeans.  Give me back my Gap!  Okay, I'm done.  If anyone has any insight into this, feel free to let me know.

Back to Quilt Market-

I was taking the booth pictures on the last day of market, and unfortunately the battery on my camera died. Which is why I don't have any more booth photos from our Moda friends.  Next time I will be more prepared!

#4- Sandy Klop from American Jane


Sandyis a Moda designer that gets her own category.  In fact, she may be the number one reason we like to go to Market.  We always seem to get a booth right by each other, and we laugh the entire time.  I'm not really even sure what we laugh about, but Sandy can always put you in a good mood.  Even some of the sales reps at Moda notice that we are definitely having too good of a time together.

Unfortunately for us, Sandy doesn't have a blog.  She doesn't even read blogs.  She would rather be quilting!  But we can't wait to see her again in Houston.

We have 3 more items on our top ten list- but you will have to wait until Monday.  But I will give you a sneak peek of our number 1 fun thing at market.  It has something to do with this photo:


We will let you in on it next week!  Meanwhile, here is a peek of our June Label Crew project, just in time for summer picnics-


The bread bag and number tags are actually made with our new "Countdown to Christmas" fabric collection.  We think the red works perfect in the summer, too. We expect our fabric shipment of the collection to arrive next week, so we will have it in time for kits on June 1st.

The number labels have unlimited possibilities, but we thought they would look cute on utensil bags, made with simple paper bags:


For more information about our Label Crew, please click here.

See you Monday!