Ten Fun Things…

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about our Quilt Market experience.  However, I'm only getting to a few (one) tonight.  We are home, but we are also really, really behind on orders, e-mails and spending time with three cute kids.  So, here goes with number 10 (I'm counting them down, just because I'm watching David Letterman.  They are in no particular order).

#10- Sample Spree

Sample Spree was really, really fun.  Mostly because we were busy.  Sister doesn't do well when she is bored.  But luckily for her, it was a good night.  We sold our new charms and art prints.  Oops.  Didn't make enough charms.  Who knew?  We sold out of them, but here they are before it started:


I got a picture of my sister before the crowd was let in. 


 And here they come:


Luckily, the Moda booth was right across from us so we could see all the action.  Here are the stacks of fabric before:


Pretty calm.  But 2 minutes into it, plain crazy:


Oh, and we had really cute Hometown aprons to wear.  You can see one on Susan:


Okay, I need to go to bed.  The countdown will continue tomorrow!