More Prints, My Favorite Quilt and Our Winner…

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We have more prints to show you!  These are part of the 1st collection (above) which we started showing last week.  The next two both have the family/hometown theme to them.  The first can be customized with a zip code, city and state or any name with the full name printed under the large letters.

Tn_80701 1 
Tn_80701 3 

The second is a family "collage" type print, that can also be customized any way you wish. 


Now for the most exciting part.  We love how the black and white prints coordinate with almost anything- but they especially coordinate with my most favorite quilt.  You would probably think that my favorite is a quilt from Sweetwater fabric and designed by Sweetwater.  Not at this very moment.  The quilt I am totally obsessed with (I have been drooling over it for weeks now) is from Vanessa Christenson from V and Co.  I'm sure you have seen it- it seems to be showing up on lots of blogs.  Here it is (all photography is from Vanessa):

V co3 
V co 2 

So, the other day, while I was looking at it for the 62nd time, I had a brilliant thought (I thought it was brilliant, anyway).  Wouldn't that black and white quilt look cool with our prints?  I love how she has the quilt photographed in a nursery.  But since my baby isn't a baby anymore, I would have to put it somewhere else.  And in that room, I would hang this:

Tn_authentic circles1 
Tn_authentic circles2 

Ok, that's my brilliant thought.  Just had to show you that quilt because it makes me so happy.  You can get the pattern here.  And please visit Vanessa at her blog.  If you aren't already a follower, one look and you will be hooked!

So we made the circle print from Authentic fabric designs.  We didn't want to leave Sunkissed out:

Tn_sunkissed circles 
Tn_sunkissed circles2 

Both the circle prints are available now on our Etsy site.  This is just a preview of our Sunkissed collection.  More later this week.

I almost forgot the winner of our contest!   The lucky person who wins their favorite print is:

Rachel who wrote:

if i HAD to choose a fav…it would be the subway art.
i love, love, love how personalized it can be.

*fingers crossed*

Congratulations, Rachel!  Just e-mail us at and we will start working on your print. 

Have a great Monday!