Seriously. Do I Know What March Madness Is?

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Yesterday my sister said to me, "Do you know what March madness is?".   I though to myself, "Seriously, did she just ask me that question?".  She knows that I live, breath, eat and sleep sports.  My schedule revloves around it.  She won't ride in a car with me because all I listen to is sports talk radio.  I make sure I'm home 80+ evenings in the winter so I can watch my Denver Nuggets.  I listen to Colorado Rockies games on the radio.  The radio.  Who does that?

So I was really surprised when she asked me that question.  But she wasn't talking about college basketball.  She was talking Fabric March Madness.  One of our faithful readers was kind enough to let us in on this.  It seems we are in a contest.  More specifically, Sunkissed is in a contest.


The website, is having a really fun contest.  Just like basketball, 64 fabric lines are competing to see who is the champion- by way of your votes.  They are even filling out brackets.  Now this is right up my alley!  I think this is going to be so interesting and fun.  To our surprise, Sunkissed already made it to the second round, and we didn't even know this was going on. Check out the site to vote for your favorites.  Sunkissed doesn't "play" again until Monday, but I'm already nervous.  It's like having my kid play in the state championship football game.  Sooooooo, if you love Sunkissed, please check out the contest and maybe send a vote our way.  There are so many beautiful fabric lines represented, I'm sure you will find your favorite. 

Speaking of Sunkissed, this came in the mail today:


I couldn't figure out why it was sent by UPS, or why Moda sent it to us- other than they are really sweet and they do nice things for us.  Until a turned it over to the back cover and realized just how sweet they were:

It was one of those moments when my brain completely went dead and I had the feeling I should recognize what was in the photo- like I had seen that somewhere.  Duh!  We even took that picture!  Just thought I would share our happy day.

Also, we have more prints on our Etsy site.  One is a custom birth print where you can choose any color in Sunkissed.  There are styles for both boys and girls.  Here is one for a boy:

Tn_birth 2 

The other two are just happy- you could use them anywhere.

Tn_sunkissed words2 

Have a great Wednesday!