Okay-Here’s The Deal!!! + A Very Special Contest

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Remember a long time ago (probably 5 or 6 months) when we asked you what your hometown was? Some of you should, because we got over 1000 responses!  Well, today I'm going to give you one piece of the puzzle.  There are actually 3 pieces to this puzzle, but today is only the first step.  We will reveal the other 2 pieces to the puzzle in the coming weeks.

Now fast forward to last week when I proclaimed on this blog that we were working on something and hoped to get it done this week.  And a miracle happened- we actually got it done!  Well, some of it anyway.  Enough to let you in on it.  So…………..

We wanted to do something a little different.  Not quilting or fabric, but something else we love.  Now you know we love words.  We also love designing and decorating and typography.  And we absolutely love subway art.  So we decided to create our own subway art and design and produce custom prints. We had a few guidelines we wanted to follow:

1.  It must be high quality and printed professionally,  We use textured matte canvas- which is an incredible surface.  It produces rich color with and the texture gives the print depth.  The inks used are the highest archival pigment inks.

2.  We wanted to make it affordable.  Subway art is everywhere, but it can be seriously expensive!  We have different sized prints with different levels of customization.  Therefore, we have different price levels to make it reasonable for everyone.

3.  We wanted to inject some "Sweetwater" in the art.  A lot of our prints will incorporate our fabric.  That way you can coordinate your quilts with a piece of art to hang on your wall- think a baby quilt made with Sunkissed fabric paired with a coordinating print for your nursery (you will see that next week!). 

We are just revealing a few at a time (the creation and framing and photos are taking us forever!).  So, staying with the "Hometown" theme, here are our first 3 pieces, which are all black and white (great with our Authentic fabric).  The first is all about your hometown.  It includes street names of our town in Colorado:


Keep in mind that this print can be customized in a variety of ways.  Instead of streets, you can use facts about your family or cities you have visited.  It makes a great wedding gift- you can include things such as the wedding date, church, the names of the bridal party, etc.  You can see other examples on our Etsy site.  Here is one I did for my sister for Christmas- it also comes in this antique background:

Tn_susan final 

The second print we are showing today is all about numbers.  We all have important numbers in our lives- birth dates, wedding dates, number of people in your family, addresses, zip codes, etc.  You can customize this print with your special numbers (notice the Authentic newsprint as the background):


This one also comes in a black background:


The last one we are showing today is one of my favorites.  My sister designed something similar to this for her Christmas card a few years ago.  She lists 15 facts about her family- such as names, her anniversary, activities her family enjoys, etc.  It can also be personalized for an individual.  We think it would make a great gift!


Okay, so those are our 3 for today.  They are available now on our Etsy site. 

So, do you want to win one!!!!!??????????

Simply leave us a comment and let us know which of the 3 is your favorite and where you would hang it in your home if you won.  We will choose a winner on Monday- but check back before then- we will have more to show you!