I’ve Fallen…And No Open House

In Life, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

My mom always has plans.  Big plans.  Her latest is to redo an area of our office we don't use and turn it into a store.  Not an open-every-day-nine-to-five kind of store.  Just a small store open a couple of Saturdays a month for her to sell all her handmade items as well as our patterns, kits and fabric (when we have it in stock).

She has been working on it for a few months now.  Painting, ripping out carpet, putting in a new floor, and making all the items to sell.  She planned on having an open house this Saturday.  She thought it would be perfect timing- right before the holidays.

Then Friday came.  Last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.   She decided she had to hang this window:


A good friend of hers gave it to her.  She loved it and wanted to hang it in her store for decoration.  (It's not for sale).  So she decided to climb on the nearest thing there was to get this window in her chosen location.  That happened to be a table.  Bad decision.  Bad, bad, bad, bad.  Right after she hung the window she slipped.  I don't even know exactly how she did it, but on her way down, she hit this corner:


and landed here:


She hit her head on the wall and has a bruise that she swears is at least 10" in diameter.  (She won't show it to us, but the doctor says he has never seen anything quite like it).  Of course, she was by herself and had to just lay on the floor.  While she was looking up, (in terrible pain) she decided she hung the window too low.  So what does she do?  Somehow, she crawls back up on that table and fixes it.  Then immediately lays back down on the floor.  We wouldn't want a window that was too low, would we?

After a while (nobody is missing her yet) she decides she better try to make it to the house (which is about 300 feet away). 

At this point, her pain is getting worse.  It takes her a while, but she makes it.  Ever since then, she has been out of commission.  It hurts to sit, lay down and stand.  The problem with this injury is that the pain got progressively worse, and the next day she couldn't move at all.

My sister took her to the doctor on Monday.  You know it is bad when my mom goes to the doctor (she is super stubborn).  After the doctor's appointment, Susan continued to drive her all around town, running errands.  We thought this was hilarious- Susan doing her good duty taking Grandma around town.   

I think she finally feels a little better, but has decided there will be no open house this Saturday.   She is pretty sad about it, but we convinced her that it will be just as fun after the first of the year.  We are aiming for February- when we first get our "Make Life…" fabric in. 

Here is a peek of some of the items she has made:

It will be better in February anyway- more time for her to make more things.  I hope she has learned her lesson, but something tells me she will still be climbing on tables.

Have a great day!

-posted by Lisa