Spruce up a $6.00 wreath

In Decorating, Design by Lisa Burnett

We got a great deal on evergreen wreaths  – 2 wreaths for $12.00 at one of our local grocery stores.  Of course the plain wreaths are what we like to buy because then you can add your own special touches to them! 

Tn_IMG_0609 copy

We took some plain clay –

Tn_IMG_0616 copy

rolled it out to about 1/4" thick and cut a star shape out of it.  Then we took some burlap and rubbed it over the top of the star to give it some texture.  Stamp ( no need for ink you are just wanting the impression) a word, year, or initial to the star.  Make a small hole at the top of the star so that you can hang it after it is baked.  Rub the star with some acrylic raw umber paint and bake as directed on the package instructions for the clay.

These ornaments would be great as a hostess gift!

posted by Susan