Firsts for Thanksgiving and the U Create Holiday Boutique

In Life by Lisa Burnett

This past Thanksgiving brought a lot of firsts –

1. First of all it was the first time in my whole entire life that I did not spend thanksgiving in –


Yes, Colorful Colorado.  (On a side note - Whenever I enter into this great state I always chuckle a little to myself.  You see I am from Eastern Colorado and for any of you that have entered into Colorado from the east and see this sign pictured above, you know why I laugh.  Most of the time the only color that you are going to see is different shades of brown and more brown.  The wording on the sign makes me laugh but I do have to say that Colorado does have the nicest signs as I noticed on our little Thanksgiving trip. ) My family and I left Colorado on Tuesday morning bright and early and went through 


and then 

and finally to our destination state

The funny thing is that throughout the whole trip all my kids would ask is , "Are we in Texas yet???"  Little do they know that you could drive for days in just Texas.  They didn't quite understand that just because we were in Texas didn't mean that we were there yet – we still had 6 more hours of fun in the car left to go!  Finally we arrive at my brother and sister – in laws house (much of the family gathered here for a fun Thanksgiving Holiday)  – what a good site to see for all of us. 

2. The first time my kids have jumped on a trampoline at the end of November with short sleeved shirts (some of the kids even had shorts on) –


3.  The first time I have ever seen a pecan tree and actually picked pecans –

The one thing that I did learn is that you have to watch your head when the pecans start falling – ouch!


It was all worth it - from what we brought home it looks like we will have a lifetime supply of pecans!

4.  The first time I have ever seen ripe tomatoes still on the vine on Thanksgiving 


5.  The first time my family has ever been fishing on Thanksgiving day


the 70 degrees weather felt so good!!! I thought I would brag a little to my family at home but no luck – it was 60 at home and they were enjoying nice weather too!! 


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