It’s All About The Packaging!

In Life by Lisa Burnett

Last week, I went to Target and got so excited when I saw this –

Tn_IMG_0334 copy 
I thought to myself – Well how cute is this?  It is only $5.00 for a can full of gift tags – Sold!  I put them in my cart and was so proud of myself for finding them.  I take them home and this is what I find –

Tn_IMG_0336 copy 
Not my favorite Christmas colors!  I don't like pink and purple on a normal day but especially at Christmas time.  I guess I was just so drawn to the cute packaging and didn't even notice the color of the tags.  The funny part is that my sister went to Target a few days before me and was drawn to the same thing –

Tn_IMG_0338 copy 
Only there is one BIG difference – Her tags are way cuter!!  She got the traditional Christmas colors not pink, purple, and orange.  That teaches me to pay better attention to what I am buying!! Oh well, I still have the cute little can!!