We hit the jackpot –

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Both with wrapping paper and food.  I have something about wrapping paper.  I search and search and search for the cutest wrapping paper yesterday I found some at Hobby Lobby.  I was wheeling my cart around I turned the corner and my heart sank – cute wrapping paper!!

Tn_IMG_0341 copy 
The picture doesn't do it any justice!  Mine is the white with white polka dots which doesn't show up very well as well as the red and white houndstooth print.  The rest of the cute paper is my sisters and moms.  We decided that we would just keep it together and everyone could use each others. ( I still do like mine best though!)  And then today the UPS man brought us this –

Tn_IMG_0345 copy 
Yummy carmel apples!  The box had my moms name on it from my brother but we are all enjoying it – Thanks Perry!  I think the one who likes them the best is this little boy –

Tn_IMG_0352 copy 
Do you want to see the hands that match this face?

Tn_IMG_0350 copy 
Boy does he love them!  We hope you are all enjoying this Christmas Season!