We’re back…

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Finally a post.  We are recovering from our "12 Days of Christmas"- mostly trying to get your orders out!  Thanks to everyone for all their support.  We hope you are enjoying your kits.  We also just got our December Label Crew out today:


If you want the fabric kit or additional labels, they are on our Etsy site now.

Tn_dec fabric 

Tn_december labels 

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Here is just a peek at ours.


I gave my mom these dessert glasses called "Bitty Bites" for her birthday last month. They came from Crate and Barrel.  She wanted them after we had the mini desserts at PF Changs a whlie ago.  She thought it would be so much fun.  I think she was regretting it about 2 hours into the process.  Nobody else regretted it- they were delicious!

This little boy snuck back into the kitchen for more. 

Tn_thanksgiving 2 

He tasted every single one.

Tn_thanksgiving 3 

Happy Wednesday!