I knew that would happen.

In Life, Quilting by Lisa Burnett


Running out of those kits.  I knew we would.  Unfortunately, we don't have any more of that multi-colored canvas, and Moda is out of it, too.  But we do have some good news!  We have some of that canvas in grey! We don't have time to actually make a bag out of it, but we can cut some kits.  Here is the fabric that is in the grey kit:


The outside is the numbers, the red is the lining, and the grey floral is the ruffle.  I think this may be my favorite color combination- I'm a sucker for grey.  

We also ran out of the navy kit, but we found enough fabric for 2 more kits (maybe, they might be gone before I get this posted).  Find all the kits in our shop now.


On to something new.  Well, not completely new.  We have had this Easter basket for a couple of years, but now we made it in our Reunion fabric.


Both the yellow and green kits are available now in our shop.


Now for some really big news.  We had so much response from my mom's wood sign yesterday, that because we are absolutely, positively 100% crazy, we are going to sell them.  I'm not quite sure actually just typed that, but I did.  We are selling them.  For the next 7 days only.  We will take orders for 7 days and then make them.  Oh that's going to be a fun day.  But I'm definiately making one for myself.  Just keep in mind, when the 7 days are up (as in next Thursday), we won't be taking any more orders for these. They are definitely limited edition.  Also keep in mind if you order one, it will take a couple of weeks to receive it.  All the ordering details are here.   

Finally, I wasn't too happy with the photo I posted yesterday of our March Label Crew project.  So, as luck would have it, my niece was here today and was glad to model it.  It looks much better.  I should have Photoshoped in some green grass, but oh well.


Have a great Wednesday!