Look What My Mom Made Me!

In Favorite Things, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Just kidding.  She made this for herself.  I just want one really, really bad!


Hopefully for Christmas.  Or my birthday (that would be quicker).  She told me I could just make one myself.  Yeah, right.  She would just have to stand there and tell me how to do it anyway, so she might as well just make it.  This is my subtle attempt at a hint.  

Anyway, we have a lot to show you today.

First, the Label Crew project for March.  I'll have to tell you what it is because you may not get it from the photo.  That's because nobody here would model it and get their photo taken.  Absolutely not is what I got when I asked. I'll have to wait until my niece is here sometime.  She would be happy to do it.  She's way cuter than any of us, anyway.   So, here is our half-apron made from our Reunion fabric:



My favorite part it the triangles all around the edges.  Here is a look at the inside lining:


For more information on our Label Crew, please click here.


Next, we have a new bag pattern.  We just received our shipment of our Reunion canvas, and this is what we made with it.   We call it the Gear Up Tote

Here it is in our multi-color canvas:


And in navy:


A peek at the inside:


We have a very limited amount of these kits on our Etsy site (especially of the multi-colored bag).  However, we have enough patterns for anyone that wants one!

Finally, we have a couple of new Easter items in our shop.  I'm only going to get to one of them today- mostly because I have a three year old that really wants me to play with him.  We call these our Jelly Bean Bags:



They would be so cute filled with fun treats.  We should have had jelly beans for the picture, but we totally forgot to get them.  That seems to be happening a lot lately!  Anyway, the kits and patterns are also available in our shop.

That's all for today.  Will show you more tomorrow!