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Do you get to post on leap day about one of the coolest block of the month programs – probably once in a lifetime or for sure once every 4 years! We were asked awhile back to design one of the blocks for Fat Quarter Shops Designer Mystery Block Quilt. Of course we said yes and we were so happy we did look at how cute it turned out –


The fabric used for this project is the fabulous line from Bonnie and Camille called Vintage Modern.  It is so fresh and fun!  Have I got you interested yet???  If so, check out the monthly program here.

Now for some more fun - 

Fat Quarter Shop asked all of the block designers to share something vintage modern from each of our closets.  We submitted our "vintage modern" photos to Fat Quarter Shop and they cropped each of our pictures into a teeny tiny photo to only give you a teeny tiny glimpse of what our item is.  Now the fun part – you have to guess what it is.  If you guess correctly, you will be entered into a contest to win a layer cake from our newest line "Reunion" thanks to Fat Quarter Shop!


Before I show you my vintage modern item I have something else I want to show you – My Beloved Vintage  Smacs.  Does anyone remember Smacs????

  Tn_IMG_1595 copy

My mom pulled these out of the closet the other day and I just wanted to cry (not really).  But, I was so excited to be reunited with them.  You see I loved these jeans.  I loved them so much I had several pairs of them – yep the same exact pair.  I guess I learned early on that when you find a good pair of jeans you gotta stick with them.  More views of my beloved jeans - 

Tn_IMG_1597 copy Tn_IMG_1601 copy

My mom said she was storing them no longer so I had to either throw them away or take them home.  I took them home thinking my kids would think they were so cool – Nope not at all!  They are a kids size 8 and I can fit maybe 1 ankle into them so I thought maybe my kids would want to try them on for a little laugh.  My son ran and hid but my daughter tried them on.  Needless to say I am so glad styles have changed!  It was worth a good laugh though. Sorry for the rambling, pointless Smacs story I know you want to win a layer cake!  So on to my real vintage item - 


I know it is such a small picture but I know you can guess what it is!  I will try and help.  When I first got the cropped photo back my first reaction was, Uh-oh!  I am going to get a  lot of lingerie guesses.  I can assure you it has nothing to do with lingerie.  I also will admit that it is not all that vintage. My smacs are more vintagey than this item!  I tend to not keep many things around and only keep them if I totally love it.  So, I totally love this item and wear it maybe twice a year usually for something like this - 


I know you got it now!  You have 24 hours to leave a comment with your guess.  Then make sure to head on over to Fat Quarter Shops Jolly Jabber blog  tomorrow for the GRAND PRIZE guessing post. 

Thanks for joining us!!!