Day #11

In 12 Days of Christmas by Lisa Burnett

It’s Thursday, which means it’s our next to last day of our 12 Days of Christmas.  Just in time to get ready for Thanksgiving!

My favorite family activity during the holidays is baking cookies.  Especially to give away or take to a cookie exchange.  We have the perfect little Cookie Bag to wrap those up in.





The labels with this project are a little unique compared to all our other labels.  My mom is an artist.  Like a real artist, not someone on the computer (like my sister and I).  We can’t draw a lick, but we are pretty nifty with the computer.  My mom is the exact opposite.  Really good actually drawing and painting.  The computer?  Um, not so much.

And since everything is done digitally now, her artwork can’t be used as it should.  But with these labels, we actually converted her artwork to a digital file where my sister and I could manipulate it and turn it into something we could reproduce.  Yea!  She was pretty happy about that.  These were actually done in 1997.  So they are kind of vintage.  Right?


mom-gingerbreadYou can find the labels, patterns and fabric kits here.  On Etsy here.

We will be wrapping everything up tomorrow.  See you then!