Day #12

In 12 Days of Christmas by Lisa Burnett

Wow- that went fast!  It is the last day of our 12 Days of Christmas.  I’m always a little sad, but truthfully, a little happy too!

One of our most popular projects this year was our Holiday Sweet Hoops.



Today’s project is just like those, but personalized!


We love these as ornaments for everyone in your family.  Like the Holiday Sweet Hoops, they can be embroidered.  We took the simple approach and just added some embroidery, outlining the letters.


You can find the Monogram Sweet Hoops here.  On Etsy here.

One last thing- you have until the end of the day on Monday to sign up for our Feed Company Block of the Month!



Monday is also the deadline to pre-order any of the other Feed Company quilt kits.



Oh, I almost forgot.  We actually have one more project for our 12 Days.  Kind of like a baker’s dozen.  It’s my favorite.  But it isn’t finished yet.  Hopefully we will have it for you next week!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Have a great weekend!