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Today is the first day that my daughter with help from my mom is working on her sewing project for the county fair.  The project needs to be done by the last week of July so hopefully if all things go well she will get it done in time.  The fabric that she picked out is cute, cute, cute.  Many times when she picks something out I say absolutely nothing about what I like because whatever I choose would definitely be on the NO list.  This year we actually agreed on something!  I was told to stay out of the sewing room – they don't like me asking questions, looking at things, etc.  So all I really am is the picture taker and truth be known, I like it that way!

Here is the latest picture – The conversation that I heard while I was being the picture taker was, "These scissors are so heavy" and "My hands hurt!".  I just smiled and took the pictures. Can't wait to post the picture of the finished project.  Cross your fingers and hope that it is soon. 
Tn_IMG_1409 copy 

To share in my enjoyment of just being the picture taker and not the teacher, I decided to host a give away.  Not just 1 give away but FIVE! This is what I had in mind to give away –

A kit to complete this pillow – (Both the label and the embroidery template as well as the canvas are all included)
Tn_love letters mini pillows 

To enter the contest, just leave a comment about what activity/project you are doing this summer.  The five winners will be announced on Monday!