I saw some progress

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this morning at the swimming pool.  Part of our summer activities are swimming lessons.  This morning I did see some progress

The first dive –

Tn_IMG_1455 copy
and then the 2nd dive . Progress – no life jacket!!
Tn_IMG_1461 copy 

I was so happy to see this after sitting there morning, after morning, after morning.

After reading all of the posts – it made me tired thinking about all of the summer activities out there!!  And now 5 randomly selected people are going to have an added project to work on.

Jamie -  I am working on my first ever quilt this summer! Wish me luck :0) All of these crafty pwople make it look so easy…it's not…but I am sticking with it.

Kelly O  -  ummm….does having a baby count?
oh and I hope to finish some quilts 🙂

Nancy Sue – My summer project is to find a place for everything in the house. Reeeeaaal interesting to read about that right? You'd be surprised how long it's taking 🙂 My other summer project is to make a basket pattern quilt for my brother and his new wife, that matches my parents wedding quilt that they received 50 years ago June. I won't see them until Thanksgiving, so I'm not stressed……yet. Thank you for the giveaway and best of luck to your daughter with her project! She looks like a pro!!

Teri Smith – Well, let's see… I just finished a couple summer tops, and am starting a little quilt for my trailer… It's always nice to have a little blanket while sitting around the fire…

Kelli – Thats so cute! they're ganging up on you! At least you got in there with the camera!
Silly silly me decided to start hand piecing a double wedding ring quilt. Not one of my smartest ideas but so far its going well! 4 rings down, HEAPS to go!

If you were selected e-mail us at info@sweetwaterscrapbook.com and provide us with your mailing address.  We will be sure to mail your kit right out to you.