Fun Holiday – Fun New Project

In Design, Life by Lisa Burnett

I hope your 4th of July was as great as mine.  I know that I have mentioned that it is my favorite favorite holiday and I am not kidding!  Ours started out with the pancake breakfast –

Tn_IMG_1340 copy
followed by the parade.  The first one out of the gate – my dad.  He happened to be the lucky one selected as the Grand Marshall of the parade.  Here he is in the nice black sports car on the passenger side.  No, not his car.  Wish it was I would find many reasons to borrow it!
Tn_IMG_1372 copy

Next my daugher comes down the street in her 4-H club float - 
Tn_IMG_1383 copy
followed by my husband pulling a float for the young farmers

Tn_IMG_1390 copy
My son hopped on the back of the float (he is the little one in the yellow shirt)
Tn_IMG_1393 copy
so that left me on the sidelines with cute little Cash.  He was on a mad dash for CANDY!!
Tn_IMG_2490 copy 
Of course there were other floats – firetrucks, tractors, and even little old men in little trucks - 
Tn_IMG_2509 copy
Of course after the parade there was more food and fun but I was too lazy to get the camera out!!  I tried to take the kids to watch fireworks but they fell asleep – must mean they had a good time! 

During the 4th of July weekend my mom whipped out this fun pillow –

Tn_IMG_1400 copy
wanna know how she made it???

The only real new tip to make this simple pillow is the buttons – getting them all the same color.  You can take any button no matter what it's original color is and make it a different color by using RIT dye.  She dissolved the RIT dye in a big pot of water and then put the buttons in the pot and boiled them for 10-15 minutes.  Once they are done boiling rinse them really good in cold water.  They will all come out the same color just different shades.

Hope you had a great 4th!