Bunting Tutorial

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

I have a problem – a forgetting problem!  I had every intention of bringing my good camera to work with me today but once again I forgot.  Yes I could go home and get it, but would have to drive through what looks like to me as the great dust bowl. Plus getting tossed around on the road due to the wind just didn’t sound that fun. So my apologizes in advance for the not so stellar photos!

Here we go –

Step 1

Find your favorite iron on transfer (you can find all different shapes for your own bunting here!)


Step 2

Trim about 1/16″ around all of the letters.  If possible a rotary cutter works pretty slick!


Step 3

Pre-heat your iron to the hottest setting – make sure to turn off your steam!


Step 4

Get your canvas ready for the iron on transfers.  I only do 1 or 2 transfers at a time.  Cut your canvas into small pieces just enough for 1 or 2 letters to fit on it.  Make sure to leave plenty of space in between the letters.  Place the iron on transfers face down on the canvas.


Step 5

And Iron!  Leave the iron on there for a few seconds.  You can test the iron on by pulling up one of the corners of the transfer.  A small portion of the ink will remain on the transfer sheet but the majority will be on the canvas.  If the transfer needs some more time just place the corner back down and continue ironing.  It is very important that the iron is on the hottest setting.


Step 6

Once the transfer is complete peel off the paper backing


Step 7

Head back to your rotary cutter and trim 1/8″ around both sides and the bottom of the transfer.  You will trim the top on the next step.


Step 8

Trim 1/2″ on the top of the transfer


Step 9

Admire how well of a trimmer you are


Step 10

Get some of our fabric bunting tape and sandwich the letter in between.  Sew all layers together!


At last but not least – enjoy your bunting!


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