In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

It seems as though we have been working on our Elementary quilts forever!  But the final binding was completed last night and we are ready to show them.  As many of you know, we couldn’t make it to Quilt Market last week in Pittsburgh, so this is the first time for anyone to see them.

Here they are!

Music Class (We thought the half circles looked sort of like a record- so that’s where it got it’s name).





Math Class



Rugby.  We love this for either a baby, birthday or graduation quilt!



This one is my favorite.  Well, maybe Music Class is my favorite. But then again, this one might be.  I just can’t decide!  It’s called Picnic Plaid.



The last one isn’t a completely new pattern.  We just tweaked one of our old favorites.  It’s called Town Square. And we did it in two colorways.  First the blue:


I love the square quilting on this one.


Then we decided to do in in the kraft color:



We also wanted to do one of our popular Jelly Roll quilts in Elementary.  But we don’t have it done yet- so you will just have to imagine it looks like this.  With blue instead of green.


We will show you when we finish!

If you would like to win the entire set of patterns, just leave us a comment letting us know which is your favorite.  The patterns will be finished in a couple of weeks.  We will post them in our shop when they are done.

And, as usual, if you would like to have a kit of one of the quilts, we are offering them for pre-sale in our shop.  This is how it works:

  • You can preorder any kit (it includes the pattern) for one week.
  • You pay half the cost of the kit now, and half when we ship.
  • The expected ship date is late August/ early September.
  • After one week (which will be Tuesday, May 27), we will take the kits out of the shop and we can’t guarantee we will have extras.
  • You can choose from any of the above 6 patterns, including the Jelly Roll quilt, which will come in Elementary fabric.

We will choose a winner of our pattern contest in a few days.  Good Luck!