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In Favorite Things by Lisa Burnett

Buntings!  We are kind of obsessed with buntings around here.  So we decided to make a whole bunch of them.  And when I say a bunch, I kind of mean it.  My sister gets all the credit for this project.  She had the idea of using our iron-on transfers to create custom letters we used for the buntings.  Here is one example:


But she didn’t stop there.  She wanted a little more color, so she added this:


And then if you were actually having a birthday party, you would want one for the cake.  Or cupcakes.


So when you put them all together, you get this.


So here is how it works if you want to make one.  I will list everything out cause I kind of got confused when it was explained to me.  So I’m hoping this helps you!

  • For the large buntings, you can choose any word you wish in any color- black, red, green, blue, pink or orange.  You can also have a multi-colored one with each letter in a different color.
  • You will recieve the iron-on transfers in the word and color of your choice.  The transfers can be ironed to any fabric.  The one pictured uses canvas.  If you would like to order the canvas, you can do so separately from the iron-on transfers. We offer it in 1/2 yard bundles.  1/2 yard will make approximately 18 bunting letters.
  • The iron-on transfers come with instructions on how to make the bunting.
  • For the smaller triangle bunting, we used Moda Candy.  You can also order that in a variety of fabric collections.
  • The “Happy Birthday” bunting for the cake comes in other colors as well.

If you would like to order, you will also have to choose which shape of bunting you would like.  Because of course we couldn’t just stop at one.

Here is the flag shape:







And triangles.  By the way, this little boy wasn’t too thrilled to get his picture taken.  He never is, but we did get one with a smile!


One more thing.  The bunting letters are sewn to fabric.  We call it fabric “ribbon”, and you can order it ready to be sewn to the bunting in a variety of colors.


The colorful buntings are available in Wishes, Noteworthy or Road 15.


We kind of like them all mixed up.


And that’s not all.  These cuties are my favorite.  We have an alphabet and a number bunting.




I love how the iron-on transfers make it look like the words are actually printed on the fabric.




And we couldn’t do a big project like this without adding a couple of canvas art prints.  We love these at a party by the cake, or in a kid’s room.



Whew. I hope I didn’t forget anything!  Oh- I almost did.  If you order anything in our “Bunting” category this week, you will receive these fun iron-on transfers for free!


This offer lasts until Wednesday, April 30.  You can find everything now in our shop.  To make it easier to find everything, be sure to click the “Bunting” category on the left side of the screen.

Have a great day, and Happy Buntings!