Big Excitement

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Just have a couple of pictures from this weekend to share (nothing quilt related).  First of all, the story.

My husband called me about 10 a.m. on Saturday morning and wanted to know if I wanted to see something exciting that day.  My mind quickly raced to 1.  we were going to the Colorado Rockies baseball game (which I had been bugging him about) and 2.  we were going to the Denver Nuggets basketball game (which I had also been bugging him about).  I knew that was too good to be true. Sometimes what I consider exciting and what he considers exciting are two very different things.

What he meant was, "Do I want to see a silo come down?"  Oh I couldn't contain my excitement (I'm being sarcastic).  

Here was the situation.  This perfectly good, 1970ish grain silo needed to come down.  


This silo, used to store grain, is kind of a landmark out where we live.  There isn't a whole lot of landmarks out in the middle of no where, but this is one of them.  Problem is, it hasn't been in use for the last 40 years, is outdated, and was in the way.  So it needed to come down.  

I had no idea how he was going to accomplish this, but he always has a plan.  And at 10:00 on Saturday, he said I had 20 minutes to get there or I would miss it all.  Of course I had to go see.  Mostly because I had my 5 year old mini-farmer with me and he would think this was major excitement, just like his dad.

So we hurried to get to the field.  When we got there, this is what we saw:


At about that time, I wasn't too convinced of his plan.  No way that loader was going to pull down that huge silo.  But I was willing to stay and watch.  After all, he said it was coming down in 5 minutes.

So me and my little boy waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Sometimes my husband is just a little off on how long it takes to do something.  In this case, about 5 hours off.   So we watched him get everything just perfect before the big event started.  And then:



Don't worry.  I know it looks like that guy and those pickups are going to get smashed.  But everything was safe.



Wow.  That took a whole 8 seconds.  But my husband was jumping around like a two year old on Christmas morning.  He really was excited.  He loves those types of things- must be a guy thing.  In fact, he wants these pictures hung in his office.  Not his college diploma.  Not a family picture, or a photo of him and I.  He wants the falling down silo.  Okay.  If that makes him happy.  I was happy I made it home in time to watch the Rockies and the Nuggets on TV (at the same time).  That was exciting for me!

Speaking of basketball, we want to thank everyone who voted for us in fatquarterly's, Modern Madness. Noteworthy has made it to the Sweet 16!  If you want to check it out, click here.

Come back later this week.  We have a few ideas for Mother's Day.  Yep, only about a month until Mother's Day.