Easter Eggs

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I'm sure many of you just did this.




We did ours last Saturday night- just a few short hours before the Easter Bunny came to visit.  When I say a few short hours, I mean we started this at about 10:00 pm.  That, of course, wasn't the plan.  But at least we got it done.  And my little boy loves this project, so he didn't mind staying up late.  

I remember when I was a little girl, I loved it too.  There is just one difference.  There were 3 kids in our family, and we shared one dozen eggs.  Which meant I got 4 eggs to dye.  If I was lucky. Of course one or two would always crack so we were left with about 10 to share.   I didn't think anythiing of it.  I just grew up thinking that eggs were really expensive.  By the way, my mom isn't going to think this post is too funny.  She wasn't stingy on most things, but for some reason, we never got many eggs on Easter.  

Fast forward a whole lot of years.  I boiled 36 eggs for one kid.  One.  And when he was about done, my husband said, "Didn't you cook any more eggs than that?" .  

Are you kidding me?   36 eggs for one child.  And closing in on midnight, I wasn't cooking any more.  Eggs may not be as expensive as I thought when I was growing up, but 36 is kind of overkill.  

So that is my Easter Egg story.  I was just curious if anybody else grew up thinking eggs were more valuable than gold.

On to some Sweetwater stuff.  The fabric kits for this month's label crew are in our Etsy store now.


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  And happy Tuesday!