Chalkboard Art and Mother’s Day!

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If you are like me, it is hard to know what to get your mom for Mother's Day.  I ponder and ponder over what to get her and I usually end up getting her flowers because I have ran out of time thinking of the perfect gift and hurriedly go into the flower shop to buy flowers.  To help you out we have come up with some fun gifts and there is still even time to make them!  We are in love with Chalkboard Art and have used that idea for our newest labels - 

Tn_IMG_0798 copy

We created these 4 new iron on labels 

Tn_it is hard to fail sm label

Tn_kendrick sm label

Tn_kitchen conversions sm label
Tn_flour mill

and placed them on hotpads and ruffle kitchen towels

Tn_IMG_0805 copy

So, on our etsy shop we have the iron on labels listed separately, so that you can purchase them and apply them to anything you want. The labels used on the towels and hot pads measure 4" x 5"  Then we have some hotpad kits listed that includes the fabric and canvas.  And then, we have the towels listed one for the yellow towel and one for the blue towel.  Just remeber the labels are not included in the towel or hot pad kits they need to be purchased separately. 

Next, we thought wouldn't it be fun to do a little bit bigger label to make these pictures - 

Tn_IMG_0855 copy

Tn_IMG_0843 copy

The labels used for these pictures are 7"x9".  We purchased a 11"x14" frame , found a 11"x14" piece of fabric and sewed the iron on label to it to create these wallhangings.  A 8"x10" frame would work as well!

Then we got the idea to use the larger 7"x9" labels for pillows - 

Tn_IMG_0850 copy

Tn_IMG_0851 copy

The 7"x9" iron on labels used for these projects can be found on our etsy shop.

The last thing we used these designs for are our canvas prints - 

Tn_IMG_0821 copy

Tn_IMG_0823 copy
Tn_IMG_0834 copy
Tn_IMG_0830 copy

This last print would be great for an upcoming summer wedding or anniversary gift!

All of these items are on our etsy shop.

Have a great evening!!