Alphabet Picture

In Design by Lisa Burnett

What inspires you to create?  I know that I am inspired constantly with things I see.  Colors, shapes and even mail order catalogs.  Specifically the Pottery Barn catalog.  There are very few items that my budget will allow me to have from it so I have to dream up ways to get the look without the price. 

This creation uses fabric alphabet labels sewn to canvas.  Love the texture of canvas.  It is so good for so many projects and cheap too!  I happened to have a frame (not really a frame, but it works) to showcase the canvas wallhanging made from plywood with strips of wood nailed to the sides and painted black.  Don't remember it's original purpose but I saved it.

Tn_IMG_6373 copy

You too can create this project or order a similar wallhanging from Pottery Barn catalog, page 101 for $349.  If you want to create one yourself,  fabric alphabet labels will be available from sweetwaterstreet.   This option will save you big bucks and also give you great satisfaction for your efforts.

You will need labels, frame about 24"x 18", and canvas.  I always prewash the canvas I use which will shrink it and make it softer. Cut canvas to fit your frame, peel off the paper backing from the fabric label, iron and sew to the canvas.  Give it an aged look by soaking in a strong batch of tea and hang it outside to dry.  Insert in frame.  Next step:  Hang up in your home and enjoy the compliments.