The Anatomy of a Meltdown & Exciting News!

In Life, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

My son has a thing for doors.  He opens and closes doors 3000 times a day.  But mostly he stands by doors.  In the morning he stands by the front door begging to go with his daddy.  At all times of the day he stands by the door waiting for someone to let him outside.  He stands beside my parked car pleading to let him in so he can pretend to drive.  Which leads me to his daily meltdown.

Today we were desperately trying to finish designing a new fabric collection when Cash decided he had to go outside.  I know as stubborn as he is, I might as well give in and let him out.  It didn't surprise me that he ran to my car as soon as he was let out of my office, which he thinks of as a jail.  He does this everyday.  Several times.


Of course, I couldn't say no to these big brown eyes.


Happy, Happy, Happy.  This is his most favorite thing to do- play with the steering wheel.


The only problem is- after 45 minutes of standing beside the door, making sure he doesn't fall or turn on something or generally get himself into trouble, I get a little bored.  I also know I absolutely have to get that fabric done today.  Which leads to this:


And a little more of that:


You know he is almost done when he starts chewing on his finger:


I'm sure it doesn't help that I just stand there taking pictures of him.  But he will thank me someday.  I know he will want to know he wasn't always an angel.  And I have lots of evidence.

Eventually, we are back to happy.  For 7.8 seconds.  Or just as long as it takes to walk back in the office.


Now, for the exciting news.  We know Authentic is just about to hit stores, but we are so excited that yardage of our next collection will arrive here on Monday!  Which means, next week we will be showing pictures of Make Life… on our blog.  Moda will be debuting it in Houston next month at Quilt Market, but you get a sneek peak first.  I'm sure it won't be in stores until after the first of the year, which will be perfect timing.  Make Life… is fresh, colorful and fun- just in time for Spring!

Have a great weekend!

-posted by Lisa