Welcome to The Cookie Exchange!!!

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

I know.  Christmas is over.  The decorations are put away.  I just stored my Holly’s Tree Farm BOM quilt.  And my son cried because I took down the tree before he had a chance to say goodbye.  Yes, he thought he needed to say goodbye to a tree.  And I was in big trouble.  But, like I told him, there is always next Christmas!!!

And around here, we have to plan for Christmas early.  Like really early.  We received some the yardage of our brand spankin’ new Christmas line right before Christmas.  And because Moda is now starting to show it to stores, we can show you!

We call it the Cookie Exchange.  Not that we have ever actually had a Cookie Exchange.  We just like the idea.  Cookies are, however, a big part of the holidays around here and we thought it would be a great theme for a Christmas line.  So here it is!  The Cookie Exhange!

This is my absolute favorite.  We used some of our most favorite recipes for the design.



This one is my favorite colorway- it is so happy and colorful!


This print is called “Peppermint Patties”.  They remind me of cookies lined up on a cookie sheet.  If my cookies were exactly the same size.  And spaced evenly.  And decorated perfectly.  Ok, they aren’t my cookies, but I can dream!






These are my favorite Sugar Cookies.  And yes, the recipe is on the print!







If you would like to get a head start on next year’s Christmas, you may be in luck.  Just leave a comment below and let us know your favorite print.  We will choose a winner to receive a pre-cut of The Cookie Exchange!

Now that we have shown you the fabric, we really can’t wait to show you the amazing project we have planned for it.  I’m hoping to get it organized and posted in the next couple of days!   See you then!

Oh!  Almost forgot!  The Cookie Exchange won’t be in stores until mid to late May.  Just in time for summer, or I mean all those Christmas projects you will need to make!