Welcome to our……….Hometown

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

It's here!   It seems like forever ago that we designed this collection and finally it is here. 

The name?  Hometown. 

I bet a lot of you could have guessed that.

The inspiration?  You

We wanted everyone to be a part of this one.  Remember a long, long time ago when I asked you to submit your hometown?  The entire collection is designed around this piece.  We were thrilled, and a little overwhelmed with your responses.  I don't have the exact count, but we put about 1000 hometowns in this design.  We tried to get everyone's in there, but had to cut it off or we would still be working on it.  I hope everyone has fun trying to locate theirs when they see the fabric in person.  And if you don't live in the US- there are plenty of cities and towns around the world in there, too!


The colors? 

We wanted to go in the opposite direction of Sunkissed (I still love you, my sweet Sunkissed).  But we wanted something a little more boy-like.


We have yet to have a collection where red was in the spotlight (except for Countdown To Christmas, which is sort of a given).  So we wanted red to be front and center.  And for us, red is hard.  Really, really hard to get right.  It can be too orangey, too pink, too burgandy, too brown, etc, etc, etc.  We rarely ever agree on red.  Except for this one.  Moda got the exact color we wanted.  A true, beautiful red.



We wanted a blue to coordinate with the red, but not overpower it. We didn't want turquoise, didn't want the same blue in "Pure" and didn't want anything too dark.



I love this yellow.  Not too pastel, and not too gold.  Creamy, beautiful yellow.  Yellow makes everything happy (just my opinion). 



Yes, we used grey in Sunkissed and again here.  This time we have 2 shades that are both a little more bold than the Sunkissed grey. 


Oh, there is cream, too.  But you know we put cream in everything! 

So here a a few pics of it all together:



Moda also did several pieces in canvas.  The weight of the canvas is a little bit lighter than our past canvas, but it will be much easier to sew with.  We can't wait to make pillows, aprons, bags and maybe cover some chairs with the canvas.  Here are some photos of the canvas:


Okay, want to be the first on your block, in your city, state or country to have some?  We are giving away a pre-cut of Hometown (we don't have one yet, but will get it to you as soon as we do).  Simply comment and let us know which is your favorite colorway or print in the collection and you will be entered to win.  You have until Monday.  Good luck and have a great weekend!

*****Oops almost forgot- with my concentration on Hometown today, I forgot to thank all of you for voting for Sunkissed on the Modern Madness fabric competition.  We are so excited to make it to the Elite Eight!  We are now up against Kate Spain's Central Park.  Uh-oh.  It doesn't get any tougher than Central Park. But we absolutely love Kate -she is so incredibly nice and friendly and talented…and famous.  So, if we lose to Kate, we will still be thrilled and feel fortunate to have made it this far.  But, if you do love Sunkissed and want to vote again, you can do it here.  Thanks again for all your support!