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No, not that.  We are still waiting for our fabric.  Maybe it has something to do with Japan.  If so, that is totally fine.  There are way more problems in the world than our little ol' fabric delivery.  So, when we have it, we will show it.  Promise.

The "finally" I'm talking about is I finally got my invitation to this:


But, honestly, I just don't get it!  I get the part that you find things on the net that you love, pin them to your boards and share them with the world.  What I don't get is why anyone needs an "invitation".  For weeks, I've found our (Sweetwater's) photos and ideas on lots of other people's "boards"- but we weren't allowed to participate.  Just want to know why that is.  I almost just gave up on the whole thing- until last night at about 12:30 in the morning when I was e-mailed my "invitation".  Who gets to decide who gets an invitation?  If anyone can help me out on that invitation thing, let me know.  As of now, my mom still doesn't have hers.

Actually, I have mixed feelings about the whole issue.  I don't even do Facebook.  Seriously.  I may be the last holdout on earth, but I just don't do it.  Mostly because I'm afraid I will get caught up in it and waste too much time checking up on people I just sort of know. 

Anyway, back to Pinterest.  I really shouldn't be on my computer any more than I am- it might blow up on me.  But, I love, love, love seeing our stuff on other people's boards, even though, as a designer there are reasons not to want everything so accessible.  That's another topic for another day.

But I do think I will have fun organizing things I love- clothes, photographs, decorating things, etc.  So, if you are on Pinterest, let us know how you use it, any tips you have and what you love about it.  And if you have any information on the invitation thing, we would love to know!

Also, we want to thank everyone who voted for us in the Modern Madness fabric competition.  To my excitement, we made it to the "Sweet 16"!  Thank you so, so much.  If you would like to vote in the next round, visit the Fat Quarterly blog here.

And, because a post is not a post without a picture, here is a photo of one of our "Countdown to Christmas" quilts.  The photo was due last week and we had to take this in about 80 mph wind.  The pattern is called "Holiday Twist" and will be available next month!

Tn_ho;iday twist2