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We have one more paper collection to show you. Last week we showed you our Lucy's Crab Shack in paper, but this paper collection hasn't been done in fabric. It is named "Freedom", and it, of course, centered around the 4th of July. Which leads me to this question- do any of you quilters out there like American-themed fabric? I don't mean the 80's type Americana stuff (my mom was really into that many, many years ago). And I don't mean in your face, go USA kind of thing. I'm thinking a little more subtle, but definitely navy, red and white (maybe a few stars here and there).
Here is the reason I ask. At least once a year (sometimes more) I get the brilliant idea (I think it is, anyway) to design a red, white and blue fabric line. And every time I bring it up, my mom and sister look at me like I've lost my mind. But it is my favorite holiday, in my favorite season and it just makes me happy.

By the way, not one of us is a Halloween person. Not huge fans of Halloween. In fact, when it was suggested to us that we try a Halloween line, we all looked at each other with a blank stare. Yikes. What are we going to do with Halloween?  But….when I saw the end result, I kind of became a Halloween person. I really do like our "Boo Crew" and I realize lots of people love Halloween. So, just think how happy I would be with red, white and blue fabric.

Here is the picture that always gives me the patriotic urge.



I'm sure many of you will recognize those photos from Pottery Barn Kids.  I have been dreaming of that red star quilt for my son since he was born.  And I know it is just white stars on red fabric, but I just love it.  And then the gingham sheets.  Oh my.  But I haven't actually purchased it because I don't think it is quite justified.  I mean, I have a lot of quilts.  A lot.  And I have access to plenty of cute fabric.  But I still dream of those red stars.  

So back to my original question.  Do you like American-themed fabric?  Or is it totally not your thing?  I'm just curious.  Because if a lot of people do like it, I will have a little more ammunition the next time I bring it up.  If most people would pass on it, I know not to bring it up again.  I will then just have to buy that quilt from Pottery Barn Kids.  And trust me, I would be fine with that.  

So back to the scrapbook paper.  Freedom is actually a combination of prints from several fabric collections (a little Mama Said Sew, Reunion and Noteworthy) done in red, white and blue.  My 4th of July fabric collection that I have in my head is a bit different than this (not that it is ever going to happen).

I know our biggest consideration is that we have lots of loyal customers from outside the US- mainly Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.  I'm sure they don't want "America" all over their quilts, but who doesn't like stars?  And maybe red and white stripes?  

Freedom is manufactured and distributed by Bazzill Basics and will be available later this spring.  









Have a great day.  And a great Valentine's Day!  

Oh, and by the way, we are right in the middle of designing our next fabric collection.  Not a color combination of red, white and blue anywhere.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.