In Celebration of All Things Red

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Today we are celebrating everything red.  I was going through my pins on Pinterest and found some of my favorite red things.  

Strawberry Pie.  My childhood favorite.


Fair Ribbons.  Blue is actually my favorite, but red is good too!



The perfect red quilt.  (Actually this one is mine!)


Yummy pasta sauce.  I actually made this a couple of days ago.  Since then I have sworn to never, ever purchase another bottle of Prego or Ragu or any other jar of spaghetti sauce.


A red polka-dot umbrella.  I wouldn't even mind rain if I had this umbrella.


Love, love, love these red stars.  The whole room actually.


An old red barn.  So cool.


And now this.


We are totally thrilled to be a part of the book "Sew Red".  Months ago we were asked to participate in this wonderful project that raises awareness of women's heart health.  We just got a copy in the mail.  This is one beautiful book and features projects from some of the biggest names in the quilting/sewing/fabric industry.  Here is a picture of our project:


To see more projects and to read more about the book, visit the following blogs on the blog hop:

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And if you want to get your hands on one of the books (I highly recommend it), click here.

Have a great day and enjoy all the red in your life!