The Ruffled Kitchen Towel

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just got a minor I mean very minor face lift!

Tn_IMG_1216 copy
Remember a few months ago when we joked that we came up with a new ruffled kitchen towel with about everyone of our fabric collections?  Well we weren't lying!  It is now time for the Mama Said Sew Ruffled Kitchen Towel.  This time it is a little different.  It only has 2 ruffles instead of 3.  The third ruffle is replaced with a band of fabric.  I told you the face lift was minor.  But I think very cute!

Now you are going to have to imagine with me the black one –

Tn_IMG_1220 copy

and imagine again the gray one 

Tn_IMG_1221 copy

We do have all 3 (black, red, and gray) ruffled kitchen towel kits ready in our etsy shop.  Think Christmas gifts (I know a little early but why not be prepared?) and they also make great hostess gifts and yes they would look great in your own house!